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Counselling support during COVID-19 isolation

This unprecedented situation is bringing new challenges to our homes, especially for our children. We are spending more time than ever together, need to reinvent our daily routines while balancing work with home schooling and other new challenges. 

Grief and anxiety become part of our daily lives, even if we don't immediately notice this. Video links via FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google hangouts, Zoom and many other platforms, become part of the new 'normal' as we stay in touch with loved ones and family. 

I have been providing counselling support to children and adolescents via video link during this difficult time and will continue to take new appointments where my diary permits. I continue to work from my counselling hut which provides consistency and familiarity for my existing clients and also ensures privacy and total confidentiality for everyone I speak to. 

Initial consultations are still free of charge and provide an opportunity to not only get to know one another but also to see how this could work for you or your child via a screen.  

Tips for providing a safe counselling environment at home: 

  • Set up in a comfortable space that provides privacy

  • Use a larger screen if possible, such as laptop or tablet

  • Ensure device is charged and connected to power 

  • Choose a room with a good wifi signal

  • Make sure your child is not interrupted or over-heard

  • Consider using head-phones  

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