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What my clients say about me
Girl with Drawing

“Dana listened to me and let me talk without me feeling like I was upsetting somebody. She was awesome. ”

Jamina*, 13

“Thank you for being really nice and kind and for helping me. ”

Tom*, 7

Portrait of Young Man

"My daughter lost her mum at 7 years old. Dana quickly built a caring relationship with her and Ruby* was able to talk about her mum without feeling like she was upsetting the family. Ruby was struggling at school and at home but is now more settled. 

Ruby has asked to continue seeing Dana for continuing support. 

Ruby's* Dad

Television Sillouhette

“Dana was listening and sympathising, making me feel it was ok to feel the way I did and appreciating who I am.

It was good to know that there was someone willing to listen and empathise. Dana was very caring and made me feel that I was important to her. This helped me feel less alone with my anxiety.”

Lucy*, 23

* names have been changed

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